The R.M. of Willner will post public notice events, meetings and events throughout the year. Please check for notices.

Jun 9

No dumping or spraying of chemicals

No dumping or spraying of chemicals is allowed either on road allowances or along municipal roadways within the boundaries of the RM of Willner, No. 253

Jun 9

Special Restrictions

1.6 km Southwest of Davidson starting at NE ¼ of section 24, Township 26, Range 1, W3M (Meridian Road) to the intersection of Hwy 19 North of Loreburn 8,000 kg (17,600 lbs) Maximum gross weight on any axle unit not to exceed 6,000 kg (13,200 lbs)

The restricted section of this highway is signed accordingly. Alternate haul routes (at secondary highway weights) are in place on municipal gravel roads at this location and are clearly signed. For detailed information, call the local rural municipality or call the Highway Hotline at 306-933-5655. The rural municipality administers and maintains the alternate haul routes. They are also responsible for issuing any overweight permits associated with the alternate haul routes.

Jun 9

Responsible care and proper cleanup

Responsible care and proper cleanup and recycling of grain bags and chemical jugs is required and expected in the Rural Municipality of Willner, No. 253

Jun 9

Sprayer Notice

Individuals are respectfully requested to ensure that spray from Field Sprayers does not cover or impact on road allowances. If over spray occurs and reseeding of road allowances is necessary, the landowner may be required to reimburse the municipality for any associated costs.

May 4


To prevent unnecessary response from the Fire Department, BEFORE LIGHTING, please call 1-866-404-4911.

If the Fire Department gets called to an unreported burn you will be charged.

Dec 18

Public Notice - Traffic Bylaw No. 5/2015

The RM of Willner has adopted Traffic Bylaw No. 5/2015 that regulates the operation of vehicles and the use of the highways which includes Stop Signs, Yield Signs and Speed Zones.

Traffic Bylaw No 5-2015.pdf